Plan Your Visit

The Museum Shop

The Museum Shop and the Shop Annex are well-stocked and we continually add to our inventory.  The shops offer nearly everything a miniaturist would need for his or her projects: furniture, rugs, wallpaper, lamps, dolls, food, plants, and much more.   

The Museum’s DIY closet features building materials, hardware, and lots of furniture kits.  Dollhouses, house kits, and room boxes are also for sale.

Our large back-up inventory is housed at the Museum Shop Annex just a short drive from the Museum.  Customers are welcome to contact Shop Manager Kathy Birk at 317-690-1300 or to schedule an appointment to shop there. 

For online shopping, we do make some of our inventory available on eBay.

Please call 317-575-9466 for more information.